on stats.tf looks like at least the capacitors are still dropping.
For a diary:

I'm Trading $100 worth(at Steams REGULAR price) of Steam Games of YOUR CHOICE from my Steam Inventory for ANY DIARY.

Again, you get to pick out the games from my Steam Inventory, so make sure you pick out the games first!

Bundles are priced as Bundle price, not individual, so thats better for you.

Remember, you can install some of the games, and trade/sell others if you want.
Not bad, i'll take a look into this
Fuck all you lowballers. I'll give you a scrap
Lulz, i give 1 uncraftable wep. But these are some nice offers, congrats!
Holy Shit! They have started to skyrocket! Before they were 16 keys and now they are 1-2 buds! I reccomend you to hold on that thing until it skyrockets above 5 buds!!!
Blizzard storm Reg for 3 diary
A clean Hat with No Name and a lvl 63 Clean N.V. Pyrovision Goggles for the Capacitor?
Blizzardy Maraduer for diary?
I change my offer to 2 buds + some hats if you accept lemme just gather some keys
10 capacitors for one. Seeming as they are now miscs, i've seen some sell for 5-8 keys each. This means i'm offering you 50-80 keys. Well over 2 buds.

Add me to discuss how many capacitors you'd want for your diary :] ( i have 23)
max head for diary
Hi frined! :)
buds + football helm with orbiting fire + sweetes in keys ;)))
level 100 buds
WHy there are less diaries every day? it was 509 on august 14 it was 506 yesterday and now its 505, dafuq?
No idea :O
stormy storm otolaryngologist's mirror for a diary.
oh +12 keys
Yo dawg. 2 clean jujus ( 1 pink ) + crate #40 for one set :>
Square Enix Hit Collection 1:1 (~250 euro lot of games) for secrat diary
60 usd paypal for 1 diary
Stormy Festivizer + White Bills
Updated offer: Stormy Festivizer + 16 keys. more details on my hat: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4278362 I'm open to negotiations, add me if you wanna discuss :D