Buying any low-tier effect of the hats listed above for the following prices, including duped ones:

Caribbean Conqueror ----------- 10 keys
Cloud Crasher ----------- 9 keys (8 keys for N&B)
Chieftain's Challenge ----------- 9 keys (8 keys for Flies/N&B)
Stainless Pot ----------- 9 keys
Defiant Spartan ----------- 9 keys
Full Metal Drill Hat ----------- 9 keys
Helmet Without a Home ----------- 8 keys
Conquistador ----------- 8 keys

- As i said above, i don't care if your hat is duped.
- Not interested in paying more for mid-high tier effects unless you are discounting them by at least 40-50%.
- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- I'm also buying other unusuals, check them here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561197964393843

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
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Dead Presidents Chieftain's Challenge 16 keys
No thanks.
fried chicken
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terror watt Caribbean Conquerer 20 keys
Not interested, but thanks for the offer.
sent trade offer for my planets helm w/o a home
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How much would you pay for a Miami nights cloud crasher?
I'm afraid I'm not really interested in that one, which means you will probably have a better luck with other buyers on backpack.tf classifieds.
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I have a Steel Shako with Dead Presidents on it. How much would you take for that?
Not interested in that one, sorry for the delay.
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How much can you pay for a 1/1 in existence full metal drill hat tesla coil?
Not interested, sorry.
Neutron star conqueror - 20 keys

Circling Peace Sign Conquistador - 15 keys
Pass, thanks for the offer(s).
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