Doctor S>unusual4pure
Trade Offers [⇄] are fastest way to trade me. I check them even if i Offline.
Please send me trade offer instead of offering here...

These are PURE prices. You need to OVERPAY if you don't have keys.
Smoking Furious Fukaamigasa for 16 Keys
Cloud 9 Toy Tailor for 18 Keys
Haunted Ghosts Bombing Run for 19 Keys
Circling TF Logo Thirst Blood for 32 Keys
1/1 in Market Sunbeams Nanobalaclava for 45 Keys

I'm also taking CS:GO Knife Overpays!


* Not interested in cheap stuff (every single item must worth at least 2 keys) and tf2 skins.
* CS:GO knives and expensive skins accepted. Small overpay required.
* I can sell my items through Steam Community Market if you provide the fee (%15)

If you want to add me, leave a comment on my profile then add me.

No Trade Holds
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Are you accpeting offers? Thanks for reply.
whats your offer ?
13.5 for the bombing run.
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I'm interested in the Nanobalaclava, the Thirst Blood, and the Bombing Run.
Any of those at 30% off I can take them off your hands for pure.
nah thanks
you offered this trade on my unusuals quick-buying trade, are you trying to quicksell these items?
added to offer on nano rly interested
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.