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FUNgineeR༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Buying Low tier Quicksell Unusuals!

No trade hold.

-Looking for atleast 30% off (depending on hat/effect)
-Stock 17 keys
-Hide = no thanks
-duped hats need good offers
-robo hats need rly good offers

Post your hat and your price here. Don't ask me for a price.

ty for reading and have a nice day :)
The Necromancer
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I've got an unusual patriot peak with the kill-a-watt effect. I'm no math wizard, and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to numbers. So, how much would it sell to you for?
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clean bubbling bonk boy for around 30 keys can discount a little for pure, have offers of 26 keys, esketit, other sellers at 32 minimum so im the cheapest one lol
also i got a strange big chief steaming for 12 keys which is 1 key discount but i doubt your interested xd
Feisty_Yeti | #TF2SP
I have a Clean Orbiting Planets Kiss King (all class) Worth 25 keys. I can do 17 but not really any less than that.
thats not a QS price since its price will go down soon due to recent sales. There are also sellers at way lower then the current price which indicates that it is price too high. So sry but thats far away from what i could do. But thank you for offering. Have a nice day!
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Vivid Plasma Patriots Peak for 100 keys?
left hook
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20 keys for miami nights lucky shot?
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I have a Strange Unusual Rotation Sensation (Bubbling). Looking for 30 keys pure.
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I have Orbiting Planets Dead Cone which price is 11 keys and i can do 10 keys
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