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Selling spells!
looking for offers, also i have more strange weapons with spells here´s the list
strange spec ks black box [2 spells]
strange air strike [2 spells]
strange market gardener
strange spec ks shotgun
strange spec ks beggars bazooka [2 spells]
strange spec ks degreser [2 spells]
strange flare gun
strange spec ks power jack
strange axetnguisher
strange detonator
strange scorch shot
strange phlogistinator [2 spells]
strange back buner [2 spells]
strange pistol
strange bat
strange spec ks force of nature
strange sandman
strange ks spy cicle
strange big earner
strange ks ambassador
strange grenade luncher [2 spells]
strange spec ks loch and load [2 spells]
strange bottle
strange minigun
strange hau long
strange ks smg
strange kutri
strange spec ks rescue ranger
strange pomson
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