Piggy (Teeth Kicked out)

Trade offers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=175915188&token=ptZfc4HQ

Selling a 100% CLEAN 3-of-a-kind, 4 person history Attendant with Bonzo the All-Gnawing effect (GOD TIER HALLOWEEN EFFECT) for 85 keys pure (LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT! WILL GO BACK UP TO 100 KEYS SOON!). I accept australium wep overpay for this same price) or clean Unusual offer overpay around 120 keys as well!

Any scam offers or lowballs will result in a permanent block and a report on Steamrep (if I feel its necessary). Happy trading! ~Alexis

(P.S. I am in absolutely no rush at all to sell this amazing hat. It was and still is one of my dream Hat+Effects and not buying it just means I spend more time with it. So if you need time to gather your means of pay I can gladly reserve the hat for you. And the price is fairly negotiable but I will never drop below a certain amount.)
Rouzen Zaker :p
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sunbeams escorter+ vintage bill's hat + earbud + some sweets maby
Hm I don't really know. The hat is robo and really that doesn't add up to the overpay I needed for the hat.
Rouzen Zaker :p
I'll make you an offer , think about it
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Burning liquidator's lid? Worth 98 keys.
I liked the offer and I would of accepted but it was duped. Sorry :c
sol!d.Abidu [fl.]
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Thanks for the reply, maybe ill get more to offer you later! best of luck there :)
iAnimeG S>BP
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Stormy storm salty dog + 11 keys in mixed keys and items
depends how much is it worth and if its duped or not. But I am interested.
iAnimeG S>BP
It's clean, and it's bp.tf price is 75 keys
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I am not joking I have 8 keys
I would like to trade
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.