FUNgineeR༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Alright, let's get started once again !
Taking offers, don't be shy :)

I am very interested in downgrading. Needs good overpay.

I have these three nice CLEAN unusuals.
Unusual War Pig - Scorching Flames (paid 1100 in All class and misc unusuals for it, won't accpept anything lower)
Unusual Noh Mercy - Massed Flies (not rly looking to sell it for price but i am open for offers)
Unusual Hot Dogger - Cloudy Moon - All Class (also open for any offers)

Looking to trade them for keys, Unusuals (with overpay - depending on effect & hat), Australiums or CSGO Knifes .

I am not looking for Robo hats or Unusual weapons. If your hat is duped you need more overpay.
Offer away and I will tell you if I like it or not. No B/o, No C/o ... If I like the offer I will take it if not I won't.
Trade Link:

My other trades:

Oh and pls do only add me if rly necessary and post here before adding me.
TY for reading and have a nice day :)
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Sunbeams Falkirk + Statrack FN Pro ks Cool Turbine torcher for the pig?
If you add a few*
not interestef in unusual weapons ... feel free to offer hats if you have some more
can change the flame with a GBH war pig.
sounds good, would need some adds tho
I might be able to add, name your price
I wont be able to add much, but It depends on how much you need.
well one guy has a bo of 550 on the falk and i dont even know if it would sell for that, so i will wait for some sales before i tell you a price
No problem. Also Ive been trying to buy it off him, so I might have it. We'll see. Add me if you want to discuss or whatnot.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.