This is my favorite set - it won´t go easily. Pure only - selling as entire set only - no exceptions.

I have no problem keeping this forever, but if anyone should want it more than me, then I´d be gladly willing to sell.

Don´t ask "How much?", just offer. Mirror is clean by the way.

Don´t add me please, offer here or send a trade offer.
Wizard Magizard
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Are you willing to sell the uber saw individually?
i bought a soup
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I know you are specifying that you want to sell this as a set, sorry if I am being dumb. But I was wondering if you'd still be interested to sell some of the items individually, such as the unusual and a select few of the weapons? I can offer a PE Kabuto, cleanest in existence.
i bought a soup
Or this unusual and something from your other trades, I am mainly interested in your Scorching Mirror.
only selling as the entire set, as stated in my notes, sorry
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Darkblaze frontier Djustice ~100 for the set and how much would i have to add?
pure only
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.