I want to EXCHANGE some of my SAS 2014 items (duplicates [not duped just have 2 of same hat]) for some i dont have yet
What are SAS 2014 items? - they have special description - "Rewarded for participating in the 2014 Summer Adventure." and drop from Summer Adventure Pack

Im interested only in exchanging, im not selling them, aslo not selling Summer Adventure Pack (just showing it as source of SAS 2014 hats)
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want to swap for 1 craft hat your medical mystery ?
Dude, im looking for other cosmetics with "Rewarded for participating in the 2014 Summer Adventure." is it that hard to read mate?
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man why you should do this i just want really bad the medical mystery but you want something that i never even heared abi
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.