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Looking for 15 Keys or an upgrade


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15 keys for what exactly, I'm a little confused.
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Oh sorry, I was looking for that on the hat with all the other items as upgrades. I realize it may be a little high, so go ahead and offer if you like
Keen in a strange dp deep cover operator?
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Well, not too into the effect, but love the hat :D Feel free to offer.
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Thanks for the offer, not really into adding that much and not too into the effect. Gl bro!
So how much is the unusual and aussie
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Hi, Well, I see you have 35, I could do both for that and through in the taunt. When are your keys tradable?
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I actually sold the knife already, I am sorry. But if you are still interested in the hat, let me know.
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They will be tradable in 6 days and i am still intrested in the unusual
Well im only interested if its under 17-16
I am selling a private eye (eerie fire) if you are interested.
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Nice mirror, how much to upgrade this?
Interested in a C bubbles nano ?
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Sure but how much?
Interested in the Unusual Janissary Ketche do you want in pure or mixed overpay
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Either one is fine. Just leave an offer
steaming specialized killstreak party phantom for the unusual + snake?
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Wow, cool deal. Left you an offer.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.