A Vacuum Full of Bees
Got some rarities here, Toss-Proof Towels 2-5, 7, 99, 100, among others. Check my backpack for more.

Taking offers on these individually or in their entirety. Please only offer in keys!

The #2 TPT is currently on the steam marketplace for 29.99
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I'd like to make a 40 TF2 Key off on just the #1 Towel. If you want cash I can pay that also. I'd also be willing to discuss more privately if you have the time. Feel free to send me a friend request.
Haven't heard back in a few days now. Please send a friend request over Steam so we can talk when you have time. I may also be interested in purchasing the Collector's also. Thanks.
Hey, sorry for not getting back to you. I'll have to pass for now.
edge eddge and edgy
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I just came at #1
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So you don't even want to discuss a trade? I'd like to talk privately.
Nice set. Whats the estimated price on the whole set?
Not sure really. What sort of offer would you make on all of them?
I cant do anything at the moment. If anything i would probably buy the lowest number you have whenever I can get back to you on it.
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Hi, I have a level 100 and spelled, strange TPT and I was wondering if you were interested.
I'm selling them, not buying them.
Trashcan Man
How much are you looking for on the#5?
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