heart glasgow (38 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)

pure or item-offers

not too interested in:
games, money, duped items, killstreak-stuff, unusual taunts and skins, low craft-numbers or special levels, not really keen on robo hats too

preferably send me trade-offers or post your offers here

buds = 2.2 keys
clean max = 23 keys
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I sent a trade offer for that snazzy Hairpiece!
thanks man, but zero interest in that mongolian, so prefer to pass, sry
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hi you can take this unusual http://backpack.tf/item/3281871926 for purple energy shako and you add how much keys?
you got already a pending trade-offer from me, 14 on top is best i would do, cause though its a nice hat im not too interested in another ge drill. thanks though and gl
and this hat that I show now you can get it?
is Death at Dusk Pampered Pyro
ah, thought youve linked the drill, sry. zero interest in the pampered, ill have to pass even on an 1:1
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30 pure for flamenco when i get them
prices are firm/thanks though
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.