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GPT - Mr.Blix
Wait what?
Level 0 pro ks botkiller :O
looking for pure or item overpay ;D
Bestway to get to me > trade offer
Furahvo Zeneski
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Neat. Wondering what your guess on price would be?
GPT - Mr.Blix
im unshure i have been trying to look for someone to price it for if there has been any old sells but with no luck, so im just looking to see what people might offer :P
Furahvo Zeneski
Well I think its certainly unqiue and would love to have it. I dont have much to offer though :/
GPT - Mr.Blix
Feel free to offer if you get something to offer with ;P
Furahvo Zeneski
You would have to search my backpack. I have some novelty items but thats really about it
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.