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Full item disclosure. If you have an item in your trade that is not currently in your inventory then you must disclose its location in your trade notes; if the item that you have in the trade is no longer for sale then please mark the item as "deleted" by hovering over the item and pressing the trash button.

You don't have any of these items in your BP and you are also unable to trade at this point in time.
-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
Its really HOT there,havent u mentioned that?
This trade is made mainly to look what can i get for this view.
B/O is 1100 pures or g.pan and i ll add 50 pures

You should make really nice overpay in unusuals to get it^^
Golden pans are no longer tradable FYI
hey dude can u respond to my offer
PE Crone's Dome for the VVF and SMG.
hey bro,i think u should read my description again.1100 pures or really nice overpay for me to accept that.
can i add you on steam
You sell the medi gun tho?
What are you looking for on that shotgun or rocket. Or are you only selling the weapons as a set.
I'm sorry, I don't usually like asking people for a B/O if they haven't stated it. But with unusual weapons it's hard to find a ballpark if I can't find other sellers.
Misty Skull Polar Pullover 1:1 with the View
Swap my black Dahlia for your black dahlia to cool down your hot set? :3
Would you do 25 Keys in Pure for the Pistol?
crazy cev
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.