Looking for a QUICKSALE or QUICKTRADE! - ( ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇsᴇᴄᴜʀᴇᴅ ➕ ᴢᴇʀᴏ-ᴇsᴄʀᴏᴡ = ғᴀsᴛ ᴛʀᴀᴅᴇ)

Weapons I Like: Australium (e.g. Eyelander, Medi) or CSGO-Stuff (e.g. knives, guns, anything nice)
Unusuals I Like: ALL-CLASS (e.g. Tree, Modest) or MISC (e.g. Antlers, M.Light) or TAUNTS (not white tornado)
Effects I Like: Burning/Scorching, Sunbeams, FlyingBats, Energy, Vivid
Classes I Like: Anything NOT Medic (retiring my medic)

Rough key-price guide below (there are no C/O's, it's a yes or no, so Mann-Up and offer your top price first time!)

- Unusual Titanium Tyrolean with Bonzo The All-Gnawing effect - (Medic) - Buy now: 85 keys
➤ A chewing and vomiting monster above you, he sure looks like he needs "Medic!" :)
➤ Priceless upgrades: Black Paint, Die Job Paint, Team Spirit Footprints.
1 of 2 - the other is with a Gonzo collector, so this is your only chance!
Selfie: Black+DieJob+footprints
Past offers (declined): 65keys (twice) |

- Unusual Sergeant's Drill Hat with Bonzo The All-Gnawing effect - (Soldier) - Buy now: 150 keys
➤ Top-Draw soldier hat with one of the most noticeable, and only vomit effect, in TF2!
1 of 1 - there is no other hat like it in the universe, retired effect so there never will be another!
Screenshot1: solo-vomit:
Screenshot1: combo:
Previous Offers (declined): STE.Drill (120k) | Scorching.Belgian(150k) | Burning.BerlinBB-10k(155k) |

- Unusual Attendant with Purple Energy effect - (Pyro) - Buy now: 95 keys
➤ Classic Hat with a clasicly stunning effect!

- Unusual Galvanized Gibus - (AllClass) - Buy now: 110 keys
➤ It's a Gibus, everyone loves a gibus, nuff said?

- Unusual Kiss King with Aces High effect - (ALL CLASS) - Buy now: 40 keys
➤ Funny hat, has mistletoe attached and a Sinister spell!

- Unusual Soldered Sensei with Dead Presidents effect - (Sniper - MISC) - Buy now: 35 keys
➤ A MISC which kind of says hidden under most hats but gives you money flying around you head!
Screenshot: combo:

- Unusual Heavy Duty Rag with Purple Energy effect - (Heavy) - Buy now: 35 keys
➤ Great hat with one of the most popular effects around

- Unusual Large Luchadore with Nuts n' Bolts effect - (Heavy MISC) - Buy now: 16 keys
➤ MISC item, combine with ANY hat for a great combo of effects
➤ When used in combo N&B works well, particularly with centralised effects like steam, plasma, energy etc.

There are no C/O's, I'll not waste your time, yes/no answers given.
Say what you wish to buy and what you are willing to pay - ( No Links)
Comments like "are you interested in xxx" will be ignored.
Extreme lowballs and website quoting may lead to you being ridiculed, blocked or simply ignored.
Delirium (Quincy)
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Hellish Inferno Flippin' Awesome for the Attendant?
interesting, but not tradable :s
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Roboactive HWNN for Drill + Gibus + Kiss King + Lucha + like 7 keys in sweets or smthng?
nice hat, but that's adding up to about 325 keys for a duped hat. Seems somewhat overpriced to me. If you are will to negotiate that down my a reasonable amount then i might consider it. Add me.
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Spellbound Ol Snaggletooth + Misty Skull Scottish Stovepipe for Bonzo Sergent
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140 Keys Pure for Bonzo Drill Hat
added to discuss...
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