• Completed
Hello, im selling following unusuals:

#1 - Disco Beat Down Professor's Peculiarity - B/O - 28 keys
#2 - Galactic Codex Phononaut - All class lvl 100 - B/O - 30 keys
#3 - Nuts n' Bolts Tough Stuff Muffs - All class - B/O - 26 keys
#4 - Atomic A Head Full of Hot Air - B/O - 21 keys

All are clean, looking for pure or mixed offers in first place but im also open for items and unusuals offers.
If you want buy them for real money i can put them on my marketplace shop - https://mar...yotoru - but first let me know

What may i like?:
Isotop Medigun (priced only)
Misc Unusuals
All Classes
Cheap all class paintable unusual with pink-ish effect
Unusuals with halloween effect + footprints
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.