Only accepting trades with other people who have mobile authentication, otherwise you MUST offer MASSIVE overpay.

Low crafts are where the craft number is #100 or lower. What makes these special is said craft number actually shows up in the title of the cosmetic in-game. That's why these are in fact worth keys, and if you still don't believe me then find a craft #32 cosmetic/weapon and I'll pay you 3-4 keys for it :).

Prices are firm, if you offer items you must overpay. I don't want other low crafts unless it's a lower number of the same hat that I have here for sale and is clean. If the crafter is Johnny that's my alt.

Also buying any and all craft #32s!

#22 Beastly bonnet - 3 keys + 8 ref
#22 Cheet sheet - 3 keys + 8 ref
#28 Crown of the old kingdom - 4 keys (all-class hat)
#46 Combustible kabuto - 2 keys + 8 ref

Also selling many other low crafts, check my trades!
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Are you interesting in #16? I have Gaiter Guards #16
Might want to buy back that scout set from you sometime in the near future. You can add me if you want regarding it, or not, its up to you
Whenever you want it just send me a trade offer :).
Ill buy the trap and skid lid off ya
Hello buddy , are you interested only on crafts 32 or on levels aswell? coz if yes I can collect you some lvl 32 items. Thank you for your time and sorry for a non-relative post
Only interested in craft #32.
Alright thank you for your response:) Have a wonderful day <3
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