So feel free to send me yorus offers,all offers will be considered and will have a reply:)

My first unusual unboxed at all after more then 300+ keys.
Though it was unboxed from 7th crate this time,thx GOD for that^^
B/O - 800-1000 keys,depends on the unusuals.
Past offers:
Vintage Buds duped one,so is like 350-400 ---- low.
Private offer at about 800 - isnt bad,will think about it.
I'd like to take a look at that last line with rule 8 in mind "No fake current offers. Please ensure that you provide evidence for all offers listed in your trade notes that do not originate from that trade itself. "

http://i.i...OI.jpg harvest hs+ ether trail pullover
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.