Looking for Keys, or Unusual Offers

Miami L'homme Burglerre - 21 Keys
Orb. Planets Reggaelator - 16 Keys
Orb. Planets Tam O' Shanter - 11 Keys
Aces Sober Stuntman - 10 Keys
Nuts&Bolts Sola Topi - 9 Keys

Pure Prices are FIRM

I'm not Quickselling, if you offer any less than whats here I will Auto-Decline

If you're Offering Unusuals you Must Overpay by at least 20% of the Prices Listed or your Offer will be instantly Declined

My Keys are Reserved for QUICKSELLS ONLY, if you offer me something where i would need to add to my unusual, i can add the rest in other unusuals, aussies or items

Hide = Nty
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.