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Looking for Keys, or Unusual Offers

Pro Ks Aussie Blutsauger --- 12 Keys Pure, 15+ in Offers

Prices are FIRM

Odds are I will NOT accept any Unpriced Unusuals, but feel free to offer them

I am willing to accept cash offers as long as we go through

My Keys are Reserved for QUICKSELLS ONLY, if you offer me something where i would need to add to my aussies, i can add the rest in unusuals, aussies or items

Hide = Nty
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got question do you want australium or not??
Im just looking for offers
Got aussie wrench with prof ks and 3 parts but if u're not counting them just tell
for which one?
For knife but i understand if it's not enough
i'm interested but you'd have to add a bit, feel free to add me to discuss
I will wait a bit. Idk if i really need thar ks but i'll message u if i decide
Just add me whenever. Hiding for space
Added for australium amby :)
my offer is 11 key for blutsauger
here is my profile:
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.