andrew > Buying Backpacks
Quick sell weekend - Get em while they're hot!

Everything priced 75% of original value for pure:

Green Black Hole Bolted Bicorne - 42 keys

Disco Beat Down Boxcar Bomber - 66 keys

Eerie Orbiting Fire Milkman - 33 keys

Electrostatic Cold Killer - 38 keys

It's A Secret To Everybody Hot Dogger - 153 keys

Burning Flames Head Warmer - 255 keys

Eerie Orbiting Fire Villain's Veil - 182 keys

Sunbeams Allbrero - 158 keys

Send a trade offer or add me!
possible to buy bomber from SM?
It'd be more than usual
ive add you to discuss the price :D
If youre wondering why ive got no keys in stock.. i have 73 € steam wallet and i am will buy keys as soon as we figured a good price for th Milkman :D
So please accept my friend invite ^^
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.