🔰Most Wanted🔰
Strange Specialized Killstreak Sand Cannon (FT) - 22 key
Strange Sand Cannon (FT) - 20 key
Strange Warhawk Rocket Launcher (FT) - 25 key
Shell Shocker (FN) - 9 key

Professional Killstreak Aqua Marine (BS, Flames, illainous Violet) - 16 key
Strange Coffin Nail Rocket Launcher (FN) - 10 key
Strange High Roller's Rocket Launcher (FN) - WITHOUT S.P. - 18 key

Some items at market, add me to trade.
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Would you accept a Specialized KS Australium Scattergun and 1 key for the Strange Shell Shocker?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.