Selling some random items for high-end Backpack. tf prices in pure!

I have heaps of robo parts, so ideally I'd like to sell in bulk if possible. Just check my backpack for stock.

Will accept item overpay for the paints and I am able to add change for a key if needed.

Tree Goat
Just wondering, what do you mean by high-end Bp.tf Prices
Well it seems like most of the items listed don't have any range of prices on Backpack. tf. But for example if an item I listed stated that it was 0.66-1 ref on Backpack. tf, I'd ask for 1 ref (the high-end Bp. tf price). But most of these items have a fixed price point so yea.
sent trade for black paint
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.