✪ Mike
[*]Nuts n' Bolts Counterfeit Billycock painted Mann Co. Orange (10 keys)
[*]Disco Beat Down Magnificent Mongolian (13 keys)
[*]Blizzardy Storm Doctor's Sack (12 keys)
[*]Circling TF Logo Madame Dixie painted A Color Similar to Slate (13 keys)
[*]Smoking Sultan's Ceremonial (12 keys)
[*]Orbiting Planets Respectless Rubber Glove painted The Value of Teamwork (12 keys)
[*]Orbiting Fire Furious Fukaamigasa painted Australium Gold (14 keys)
[*]Orbiting Fire Milkman (16 keys)

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not so mem gei
This user hid their own post.
Woudl you lower the Blizzardy Storm Doctors Sack to 10keys then I can buy
I can give you 15 pure for your milkman
Freedom 'n stuff
O flame Furious Fukaamisaga is not in your inventory anymore. please update.
11 keys for the Disco Beat Down Mongolian?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.