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Selling these unusuals for break (or) pure

Circling Heart Virtual Viewfinder B/O: 650 keys
https://mar...738740 - 10% off in cash

Eerie Orbiting Fire Coffin Kit (Duped) B/O: 860 keys
https://mar...;5;u40 - 10% off in cash

Silver Cyclone Taunt: Bad Pipes B/O: 50 keys
https://mar...;u3009 - 10% off in cash

Disco Beat Down Boxcar Bomber B/O: 88 keys
https://mar...;5;u62 - 10% off in cash

Green Black Hole Bolted Bicorne B/O: 56 keys
https://mar...;5;u71 - 10% off in cash

Frostbite Team Captain B/O 380 keys
https://mar...;5;u87 - 10% off in cash

Cloudy Moon Wraith Wrap B/O: 400 keys
https://mar...;5;u38 - 10% off in cash

Burning Flames Head Warmer B/O: 340 keys
https://mar...595446 - 10% off in cash

Add me or send a trade offer!
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Could you add 400ish to the vvf for a beams exe?
Mr. Pinecone
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tf logo vive la france fot the boxcar
Mr. Pinecone
if you added a little bit
Scorching rifle plus demonflame brainiac for view.
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Sparkle luger or 1/1 13th hour trilby and sunbeams dapper for headwarmer
I'd be interested in the second half, but you would need 55 in value added
Burning aviators assasin + 13th hour trilby?
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