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Little Green Man, Clayton
***ONLY STRANGE*** Tesla Coil Executioner for sale

It is the Only strange unusual Executioner on the market, currently on, can be taken down for offer

Also am selling with the Polar pullover, must be bought as set or be willing to pay a decent overpay

Currently one buyer offered $1000 USD for both through for the pair depending if they can get together the funds, until then, these are up on the market
said buyer backed out

Please comment offers or comment before you add, Thank you :D
|TvM| Mrs. U
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How much in mixed unusuals for the Stormy pullover?
|TvM| Mrs. U
Oops nvm didnt see the part for as a set.
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unusual 72 Taunt: Burstcheste for pullover
not interested in taunts thanks
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hello interessed in zoomin broom holy grail for your unusual ?
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