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andrew > Buying Backpacks
Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Dead Presidents Caribbean Conqueror B/O: 21.5 keys
https://mar...;5;u60 - 10% off with cash

Poisoned Shadows Nunhood B/O: 237.5 keys
https://mar...208497 - 10% off with cash

Strange Massed Flies Villain's Veil B/O: 175 keys
https://mar...trange - 10% off with cash

Molten Mallard Horrific Headsplitter B/O: 108 keys
https://mar...;5;u88 - 10% off with cash

Circling Heart Bonk Boy B/O: 140 keys
https://mar...;5;u19 - 10% off with cash

Frostbite Spook Specs B/O: 200 keys
https://mar...;5;u87 - 10% off in cash

Vivid Plasma Merc's Mohawk B/O: 240 keys
https://mar...132390 - 10% off with cash

Smoking HazMat Headcase B/O; 175 keys
https://mar...315860 - 10% off with cash

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offering 120 key all class unusual for your horrific headsplitter
Worth way less, I will pass
Toh Mah Suh
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bonk boy for my muffs vr and toy?
Flies Noh for Mohawk
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Harvest Moon Condor Cap on the veil if you could add 8 keys.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.