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Selling unusuals for split (or) cash

Frostbite Gentleman's Gatsby B/O: 40 keys
https://mar...738740 - 10% off with cash

Cool Specialized Killstreak Wrapped Reviver Medi Gun (Well-Worn) B/O: 60 keys
https://mar...estive - 10% off with cash

Fountain of Delight Taunt: The Meet the Medic B/O: 100 keys
https://mar...;u3005 - 10% off with cash

Infernal Flames Taunt: Results Are In B/O: 35 keys
https://mar...;u3015 - 10% off with cash

Blizzardy Storm Team Captain B/O: 85 keys
https://mar...;5;u30 - 10% off with cash

Cloud 9 Das Gutenkutteharen B/O: 41 keys
https://mar...;5;u58 - 10% off with cash

Circling Heart Flipped Trilby B/O: 40 keys
https://mar...132390 - 10% off with cash

Strange Haunted Ghosts Villain's Veil B/O: 227 keys
https://mar...trange - 10% off with cash

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I'll offer a Infernal FLames Bronco on the Trilby if u add 20 pure or 25 unusuals
cactus cooler & pot
Do you remember who you gave the cloud 9 Das Gutten to?
Sorry, I don't
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.