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Selling these unusuals for break (or) pure

Arcana Whoopee Cap B/O: 80 keys pure
https://mar...132390 - 10% off with cash

Purple Confetti Trophy Belt B/O: 33 keys
https://mar...208497 - 10% off with cash

Smoking Razor Cut B/O: 27 keys
https://mar...132390 - 10% off with cash

Cool Specialized Killstreak Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher (Field-Tested) B/O: 42 keys
https://mar...estive - 10% off with cash

Ancient Eldritch Hellmet B/O: 62 keys
https://mar...073019 - 10% off with cash

Aces High Tipped Lid B/O: 50 keys
https://mar...;5;u59 - 10% off with cash

Harvest Moon Backwards Ballcap B/O: 160 keys
https://mar...329330 - 10% off with cash

Massed Flies Glengarry Bonnet B/O: 13.5 keys
https://mar...;5;u12 - 10% off with cash

Add me or post below
Duped Scorching flames Milkman (84 keys) + pure keys sweets for the whoopee. I also have proof that I sold a duped one for 80 pure if you'd like to see. So if you're intersted, add me :)
I would need 6-10 keys added
Sure, I'll add 6 keys pure
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