Karl | K U T S
Impress Me.

I like these hats a lot, so sitting on them is nice.

Peak: 400

Dr. Dappers: 250 Firm

Antlers: Sold.

Cotton Head: Gone

Offers down below. I don't bite.

I love Noh Mercys. We could work something out if need be.

Picture to the hats ==> http://ima...99428/
karl bby what happened to the ketches ;(

anyhow i have a nuts and a flies noh, looking like 300ish on either

any interest hit me up :D
Karl | K U T S
Take a look lol. It's for the better obviously.
Karl | K U T S
I'll let you know whats up buddy.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.