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Selling these unusuals for break (or) pure

Scorching Flames Milkman B/O: 84 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u14

Demonflame Reggaelator B/O: 100 keys
Buy it on https://mar...329330

Bubbling Salty Dog B/O: 74 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u34

Flaming Lantern Vintage Tyrolean B/O; 74 keys
Buy it on https://mar...315860

Strange Mega Strike Taunt: Burstchester B/O: 207.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...trange

Green Black Hole FR-0 B/O: 64.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u71

Electrostatic Hermes B/O: 45 keys
Buy it on https://mar...322826

Electrostatic Hat of Cards B/O: 95.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...204632

Add me or post below
karambit stained ww + awp asiimov ft for the milkman
Kyten Ren
Would you take an Unusual Taunt: Mannrobics with Effect: Infernal Flames (High Tier taunt and High Tier Effect) for the Reggaelator (I can add pure)? ^^
Depends how much pure
Kyten Ren
10 keys pure?
Appreciated, but it'd have to be a lot more - around 25 to make it even
Kyten Ren
20 and deal?
unusual purple energy troublemaker painted white for reggalator
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