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Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Orbiting Planets Executioner B/O; 27 keys

Holy Grail Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors B/O; 210 keys

Kill-a-Watt Doctor's Sack B/O; 13 keys

Smoking Birdcage B/O: 12.5 keys

Orbiting Fire Frenchman's Beret B/O: 13 keys

Orbiting Fire FR-0 B/O; 10 keys

Kill-a-Watt Full Metal Drill Hat B/O: 17 keys

Terror-Watt Glengarry Bonnet B/O; 19.5 keys

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Dat Boi
Would you be willing to sell the FR-0 for 7 or 8 keys pure?
No thanks
Hi i am looking to buy the doctor sack for 10 keys pure i added you to frienfs so we can discuss
Dat Boi
I'd like to buy the birdcage. Can you do either 10 or 11 keys pure? If not it's cool
all low tier items are full price
NBA is ded
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Interested in a kill a watt flipped trilby with an added key for overpay?
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9 Keys Pure for Frenchman
can I buy for a mixed offer? 10 key unusual and 3 keys?
You Was Right
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8 keys for your kill-a-watt doctor sack
grandaddy purp
yo, you still selling the Doctor's sack ? I am willing to purchase it. My keys are not tradable at the moment so I am not sure if you are cool with waiting a d few days
steemed clams
Would you offer anything for a professional killstreak modest pile of scrap stormy storm?
15 keys for kill-a-wat drill
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