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Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Stormy Storm Connoisseur's Cap B/O: 13.5 keys

Massed Flies Prancer's Pride B/O: 11 keys

Cloud 9 Dread Knot B/O: 10 keys

Massed Flies Doctor's Sack B/O: 16.5 keys

Memory Leak Bootleg Base Metal Billycock B/O: 15 keys

Cloud 9 Pyro's Boron Beanie B/O: 14.5 keys

Massed Flies Nanobalaclava B/O: 25 keys

Green Black Hole Hustler's Hallmark B/O: 105 keys

Post below or Add me
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PE Buccaneer's Bicorne + HG S. Outta Sight for GBH Hustler's?
Sure I could do that, add me when you get the chance
Appreciate it, but i forgot i had sent a trade offer out and looks like they accepted it. Thanks though!
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I actually HATE my new hat i traded for, instant regret. I have a Misty Skull 1/2 Worldwide Trippler's Tricorne now. Mind if i 1:1 for your GBH Hustler's? I'd be downgrading in price, but I very much prefer GBH over Misty.
I'll pass, but thanks
Shozy l
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Hi :) Would you accept 8 keys for the Cloud 9 Dread Knot?
10 keys strict
Shozy l
Alrighty :) Ill pass then thanks for replying!
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can you do 4-5 hats for my Purple confettie Nunhood?
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I can offer 8 or more keys for the dread knot, add me if interested! :D
i'll offer 8 keys for dread knot
8 pride
offering bubbling hermes for the Memory Leak Bootleg Base Metal Billycock
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