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Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Haunted Ghosts Desert Marauder B/O; 40.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...960676

Sunbeams Détective Noir B/O: 55 keys
Buy it on https://mar...185211

Starstorm Insomnia Coldsnap Cap B/O: 62.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...511618

Green Confetti Condor Cap B/O: 87.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...3;5;u6

Searing Plasma Cotton Head B/O: 205 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u15

Vivid Plasma Flipped Trilby B/O: 39 keys
Buy it on

Massed Flies Furious Fukaamigasa B/O: 13 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u12

Smoking Gym Rat B/O: 10 keys
Buy it on

Post below or Add me
Im NOT gay
why cant i see the gym rat in your inventory? i want it. i have 10 keys.
It's in an alt - Add me and I can get it
오늘의 뭉치
I will buy keys tomorrow .
So san u wait me?
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how about a infernal flames bronco taunt for the sunbeams noir?
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Stormy 13th Scotch Bonnet (107 on bp) for the noir + P Fetti Trophy
Screaming tiger most wanted fpr noir
I can't find your noir I was going to send an offer
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45 pure on the noir ?
I can do 50 on it
lets do middle at 47 ?
Appreciate the compromise, but I will have to stand at 50
:-: 50 is a little much for me :(
lets go with 49 and ill take it
I can do that - Add me
Apologies, but it seems that it sold and the item history never updated?
Sorry about that!
7 Keys for your Furious Fukaamigasa?
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