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Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Green Energy Hat With No Name B/O: 200 keys
Buy it on https://mar...132390

Smoking Stout Shako B/O; 14 keys
Buy it on

Cloudy Moon L'Inspecteur B/O: 65 keys
Buy it on https://mar...315860

Sunbeams Noh Mercy B/O: 1400 keys
Buy it on 20% off: https://mar...;5;u17

Cloudy Moon Attendant B/O: 178 keys
Buy it on for 10% off: https://mar...;5;u38

Power Surge Familiar Fez B/O: 45.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u68

Dead Presidents Neckwear Headwear B/O: 42 keys
Buy it on https://mar...329330

Morning Glory Tartan Spartan B/O: 86 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u89

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Frostbite exe + spec ks strange original (team shine + non crit part) for the hwnn?
Dank Duck
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Clean smoking prancers pride for the stout shako?
Grab That Auto 5
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Skill Gotten Gains Zoomin Broom, 1/2, 2016 halloween effects are all 160+, sellers with similar effects want 250-300.
What are you asking for?
Grab That Auto 5
Oh sorry, the HWNN
Revolver Ocelot
Added you for discussion. Interested in the L'Inspecteur,
could you do 55 for the cloudy moon l'inspecteur?
I can do that if you have it in pure
I'm collecting, I'll message when I have it. Please don't feel like you need to reserve it though.
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Can you save me one please?? m new to trading and just bought 8 keyes. i
Are Interested in a sunbeam noh?
If so add me
Clean Demonflame detective noir for noh mercy?
mate lol
if you can sell for an actually decent price I'm interested in the fez
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