I am selling these items, NOT buying them from you.
Item overpay accepted but I DON'T count extra if your items have paints, parts, killstreaks, or spells.
Don't add me , send a trade offer:

Victory Lap 3 Keys + 19 Ref
Killer Solo 1 key + 8 ref OR 38 Ref
Bad Pipes 1 key + 15 ref OR 45 Ref
Fubar Fanfare 1 key + 3 ref OR 35 Ref
Soldier's Requiem 1 key + 18 Ref
Shred Alert - 1 Key + 3 ref OR 36 Ref
Conga 32 ref OR 1 Key
High Five 26 Ref
The biggest kahuna
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I have a festive kill streak min wear purple range thats worth 3,44 keys can i trade for your victory lap
whoops. meant to hide that.
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Sorry? Do you not like strange Achimedes?
R.I.P Malcolm Young
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I have a key for your killer solo i just have to wait a week then send a trade so if possible could you hold it for me?
of course
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quite a high price
your such a dick dude
so overprice holy f
25 ref for a conga, holy shit. What are you doing?
[Fellas] Rocko7927
Sent request for soldier's requiem
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