The Bubble Pipe is 1 of 1, and the Spook Specs are drastically outdated—keep this in mind!
SBTWC Bubble Pipe: 120 Pure, 135 OP
C. Heart Spook Specs: 90 Pure, 110 OP
Vivid Plasma Naggenvatcher: 35 Pure, 50 OP
grapes of wrath
C hearts kabuto with adds for spook
You're gonna need a lot of adds, considering that the Spook Specs are underpriced, the CH Kabuto market is oversaturated, and there's a Kabuto seller at 65
grapes of wrath
My strange skull -50 with aussi grenade and sweats
If you're talking about my aussy nade, it's off limits
grapes of wrath
My aussi grenade ;)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.