Hey there looking to sell thoose nice clean unusuals!

Looking for pure or unusual offers!

1# looking for 29 pure or unusual offers
2# 18 pure or unusual offers
3#55 pure or unusual offers
4# 200 pure or around 230 unusual offers! ( 200-210 in cs go items/ knifes) -SOLD

If you are not sure about me liking your offer , then feel free to add me! Only leave a comment of why you are adding me! Or you will be ignored! Otherwise use trade offers! :)

Send trade offers here :
Thanks and Happy trading! :)
Smoking ballcap for the honcho?
Sure ,I can do that but i would want you to add your bills hat+ dead at night and some other sweets. If you agree with the terms , feel free to send me an offer with the listed sweets in it :).Trade link can be found on my profile or this trade post . Thanks and Happy trading!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.