My Beloved Collection of Mining Lights
(No rush to sell, my dream items, they cost a shitton of keys, highly likely it will take key offers to buy one)

FYI: Mining Light -
- Availability: Retired - January 25, 2013 - The Mining Light was removed from the item drop system and Mann Co. Store, and can no longer be uncrated with Unusual quality or crafted.
- Equip region: None - Yes, a Regionless Misc, meaning you can wear them with ANYTHING. You can even wear 3 Lights at the same time!

Burning Flames (footprints) - 259 keys
Scorching Flames - 245 keys
Sunbeams - 229 keys
Purple Energy - 169 keys
Green Energy (footprints) - 169 keys
Knifestorm - 199 keys
Vivid Plasma - 60 keys
Stormy Storm (footprints) - 45 keys
also available
Blizzardy Storm - 30 keys
Purple Confetti - 40 keys
Green Confetti - 40 keys
Circling TF Logo - 40 keys
Nuts & Bolts (themed) - 38 keys
Orbiting Planets - 25 keys
Massed Flies - 20 keys
other Engineer Unusuals
Brainiac Hairpiece with Orbiting Fire effect - misc, wear it with any hat!
Unusual Pencil Pusher with Steaming effect - regionless misc, wear it with anything!
Wide-Brimmed Bandito with Tesla Coil effect - cool hat, see selfie above.

SEND TRADE OFFER - Or Comment Below
(do not add unless paying the asking price in keys)

1) Showstopping Haunted Beep Man with Firehorns of Burning Sunbeams -
2) Chocolate+Strawberry+Mint VS Pure White Energy
3) Manic Miner - (Burning, PFet, Planet) -
4) Tesla Banditto with Orbiting Fiery Planets! -
Herb Klein
I know this might not be completely trading related, but I appreciated the way you pointed out that these were retired and regionless hats then explained it. I was unaware of the regionless aspect.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.