🌟 s7ve̥̬͕͕̬̥n 🌟
Scorching Flames Modest Metal Pile of Scrap
Pure is preferred. Willing to sell many keys under market value for pure.

Item overpay is required
You are free to offer other hats ( prefer allclass )

I am always entittle to decline if i dont like hat/effect !
I may counter-offer if necessary....
I will hardly accept any Unpriced Unusuals

I ignore random adds....so
DONT ADD ME ON STEAM only when i tell you, post your OFFER here first !!
Anything other than offers will be considered spam. Do not post here if it is not an offer!
private profiles/level 0 will be blocked
I dont click links

Remember to "Share the Love" on my Outpost Profile
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.