Wiethoofd | KritzKast
Selling a bunch of stranges with various strange parts attached

Please send trade offers with notes or comment below:

Listed prices are target prices, you're free to offer!

Baby Face's Blaster w/ Airborne Enemy Kills | 8 ref

Beggar's Bazooka w/ Kills While Explosive-Jumping | 10 ref
Beggar's Bazooka w/ Robots Destroyed | 12 ref
Beggar's Bazooka w/ Robots Destroyed & Full Health Kills | 14 ref
Beggar's Bazooka w/ Not Crit nor MiniCrit Kills | 10 ref
Killstreak Black Box w/ Robots Destroyed | 2 keys
Direct Hit w/ Buildings Destroyed & Robots Destroyed | 2 keys

Backburner w/ Buildings Destroyed, Cloaked Spies Killed & Robots Destroyed | 2 keys
Flame Thrower w/ Robots Destroyed, Tanks Destroyed & Revenges | 2 keys
Flame Thrower w/ Posthumous Kills, Allies Extinguished, Robots Destroyed | 3 keys

Stickybomb Launcher w/ Robots Destroyed, Robot Spies Destroyed & Pumpkin Bombs Spell | 2 keys
Stickybomb Launcher w/ Defenders Killed & Buildings Destroyed | 1 key
Rust Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I w/ Robot Spies Destroyed & Robots Killed During Halloween | 14 ref

Minigun w/ Heavies Killed, Medics Killed That Have Full √úberCharge & Tanks Destroyed | 2 keys

Pomson 6000 w/ Robot Spies Destroyed, Giant Robots Destroyed & Exorsism Spell | 1 key
Festive Wrangler w/ Long-Distance Kills

Jarate w/ Allies Extinguished | 10 ref
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