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andrew > Buying Backpacks
Selling these unusuals for pure (or) split

Cloud 9 Furious Fukaamigasa B/O: 27 keys

Sunbeams Pencil Pusher B/O: 260 keys

Disco Beat Down Madame Dixie B/O: 20 keys

Cloud 9 Winter Woodsman B/O: 68 keys

Burning Flames Hat With No Name B/O: 732.5 keys

Starstorm Slumber Nasty Norsemann B/O: 25 keys

Starstorm Insomnia Nasty Norsemann B/O: 24.5 keys

Infernal Smoke Taunt: Flippin' Awesome B/O: 55 keys

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My holy grail shred alert + nuts and bolts ubersternmann on the pencil pusher
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