Looking for a QUICKSALE or QUICKTRADE! - ( ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇsᴇᴄᴜʀᴇᴅ ➕ ᴢᴇʀᴏ-ᴇsᴄʀᴏᴡ = ғᴀsᴛ ᴛʀᴀᴅᴇ)

Weapons I Like: Australium (e.g. Eyelander, Medi) or CSGO-Stuff (e.g. knives, guns, anything nice)
Unusuals I Like: ALL-CLASS (e.g. Tree, Modest) or MISC (e.g. Antlers, M.Light) or TAUNTS (not white tornado)
Effects I Like: Burning/Scorching, Sunbeams, FlyingBats, Energy, Vivid
Classes I Like: Anything NOT Medic (retiring my medic)

Rough key-price guide below (there are no C/O's, it's a yes or no, so Mann-Up and offer your top price first time!)

- Unusual Attendant with Purple Energy effect - (Pyro) - Buy now: 90 keys
➤ Classic Hat with a clasicly stunning effect! VERY short history, 2 owners!

- Unusual Kiss King with Aces High effect - (ALL CLASS) - Buy now: 40 keys
➤ Funny hat, has mistletoe attached and a Sinister spell!

- Brain-O-Matic: Damage Enchance - Unusual Bot Dogger with Tesla Coil effect - (ALL CLASS) - Buy now: 29 keys
➤ An absolute bargain for an ALL CLASS hat with a high visibility effect!
Screenshot: <coming soon>

- ☢ The Irradiated Runner ☢ - Unusual Bombing Run with Seaing Plasma effect - (Scout) - Buy now: 16 keys
➤ Painted to match the effect. Gotta be the coolest Scout hat t the price, just check the selfie below!

- Unusual Smoking Skid Lid with Purple Confetti effect - (Pyro) - Buy now: 32 keys
One of One - Halloween 2014 Hat with Old Skool effect - You will not see another like it!
Screenshot: <coming soon>

- The Chilean Miner - Unusual Mining Light with Massed Flies effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 24 keys
➤ Regionless Misc - WEAR WITH ANYTHING - you can even wear 3 mining lights at the same time!
➤ Retired item, you can no longer get mining lights

- The Hunky Shark - Unusual Cranial Carcharodon with Starstorm Slumber effect - (Pyro) - Buy now: 17 keys
➤ Star Spangled Shark - Painted Pink
➤ A very cool hat and effect for a low price!

- Unusual Wide-Brimmed Bandito with Tesla Coil effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 17 keys
➤ Nice looking hat and another classy effect at a cheap price!
➤ Love it so much, it's in my loadout, pic below!
Screenshot: - (taken before gold was added)

There are no C/O's, I'll not waste your time, yes/no answers given.
Say what you wish to buy and what you are willing to pay - ( No Links)
Comments like "are you interested in xxx" will be ignored.
Extreme lowballs and website quoting may lead to you being ridiculed, blocked or simply ignored.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.