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Buying keys for 1.75$ USD via Paypal

Looking for bulk 1000+

Add me for more details and reputation
I have 180 keys for sale if you are interested. I sold about 1000+ to morxx and apollothelion last year after I sold the 3 bat racks. Please let me know if you are interested. Apollo recommended you. Thanks
I'd be interested - I am currently on trade hold for a new device for 12 days. If you want to supply feel free to add me.
Cool I'll add you and sit tight til your trade hold is done.
Hey Andrew. I'm selling a lot of keys (420 to be specific, funny number I know). I'll shoot you a friend request and we can discuss this further on Steam. Sent a similar request to Tony Reigns but he hasn't responded yet.
Polam <Trading>
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Just wanted to know how much would u pay for this
I have a seperate post for buying backpacks - Add me and I can do an evaluation
Polam <Trading>
Oh shit i just realized that i commented on the wrong one xd, sure i will
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added to sell 200 keys - 1.85 like your nick ;)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.