prices might be outdated and are subject to change
paying the following prices:

Horace: 2 keys + 26 refs
Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat: 2 keys + 22 refs
The B.M.O.C.: 3 keys + 14 refs
burly beast: 2 keys + 22 refs
Medimedes: 4 keys
Voodoo Juju: 2 keys + 6 refs
The C.A.P.P.E.R: 1 key + 25 refs
Bill's Hat: 1 key + 10 refs

feel free to add me or send me a trade offer
2 key for my billys
Black Indian
Added you for bills
b 1 d e m l trade.tf
im sellin white bills for 2 keys
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I have a pink painted bmoc for 4 keys if you're down for that.
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Sent him an offer for his price for the burly beast, he declined yet never chenged his price here, gg
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i did^
cilveli tilki
my bill's painted white. so can u add 5 more ref ?
I want to trade for burly beast, added you
And for capper
Are you buying gift wrapped Voodoo Juju?
Yeehaw Davis
Added you for the B.M.O.C. <3
Yeehaw Davis
o wait, your friends list is full
Effy ❤
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Would you pay 1 key 23 ref for pink bill's hat?
Added to sell my bill's for 1 key and 17 ref as you said!!!
☢ Sir Neko ☢
offer is send
could you buy my bill's for 1 key 17 ref? I've sent you a trade offer already.
Sended an offer for the Bill's Hat, hope you accept it :D
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Saxum La_Bitte
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2 keys for white painted bills hat
Saxum La_Bitte
accept trade for bills hat
i sent you a trade offer.
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Do you accept untradables? I have an untradable medimedes. Ill charge you 1 key less for it. 3 keys only
4 key and 5 ref for Medimedes
How much would you pay for black juju with chromatic corruption? I'm thinking 3 keys, open to negotiate.
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Hi, I can sell you my Spec KS Capper if you add another key ;) It has a nice orange sheen
ShiwoxMaybun >w<
Voodoo juju seller!
Team Spirit Painted Bills for 2 keys?
Ermac | Tradeit.GG
Selling 6 cappers, do ya are interested?
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