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Buying 31 Keys
You go first. Add me.

I will pay fees- US only. If you are out of the US, you may get tagged with additional fees which are outside of my control, but feel free to continue if you agree to those terms.

Old trade with a ton of keys and buds bought:

Review my rep below. You will probably go first
Minimum of 5 keys or 100 Refined per transaction

My Rep: (Holy shit this is 5 years old...)

Why trust me?
> Admin of the site you're currently on
> 4.9K hours in TF2
> 5 Pages of SOP Rep
> 8 years on steam

Low/no rep is okay, but I will check your profile, etc. I do not trade with scammers.

Please post on my trade before you add me, and include your rep if you have any.
russian waifu
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added. ill go first :D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.