2:3 End of the Line Keys
1:1 All other keys

I have 500 keys. Please add me on Steam if you need more than 300 keys.
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Add me I got one but you have to wait until march 14
Aderjo Does Games
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I have 37k in robo keys
Chill The Bear
I have 9 End of the line keys however they aren't tradble till the 28th of October.
Sing! Sing! Sing!
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Would you give me 2 end of the line keys for a Mann Co. key?
What do you mean by 2:3 and 4:5? also you taking summer cooler keys for 1 key?
0-0 Weeb 0w0
are you still buying them
This offer still valid? I have a robo key I'm willing to trade for a mann co supply key.
I've sent you a trade offer for 1.5 keys for one of my End of The Line Keys! I sent it two days ago, but I probably should've said it here beforehand ;(
Anyways, if you think something is wrong, please change the offer I've sent to you!
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