✪ Mike
[*]Dead Presidents Fruit Shoot painted A Color Similar to Slate (16 keys)
[*]Bubbling Copper's Hard Top (10 keys)
[*]Orbiting Planets Fruit Shoot (18 keys)
[*]Terror-Watt Bombing Run painted Australium Gold (12 keys)
[*]Orbiting Fire Copper's Hard Top (11 keys)
[*]Massed Flies Copper's Hard Top (10 keys)
[*]Dead Presidents Bombing Run (12 keys)
[*]Orbiting Fire Bombing Run (13 keys)

i accept csgo items, and unusuals overpay.
Price negotiable for some, Offer me! i don't BITE
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Western Philosophy
orbit fire copper for aussie frontier justice fresh from founder
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.