Looking to buy a few items with PURE - Not in a major rush, so not looking to pay crazy prices.

Festivizer (need 4!) - Paying 18 ref EACH

Unusual STRANGE Bonk - Up to about 30 keys
(exact price can be negotiated depending on parts/effect etc. but...
- - something noticeable, perhaps spinning, like Planets or OrbFire (just not smoke/n&b/steam/bubbles)

Australium Frontier Justice - Up to about 12 keys
(exact price can be negotiated depending on parts/spells etc. but...
- don't expect 12keys for a basic pro.ks.aus
- don't bother asking lots more keys for one with a perfect set of upgrades)

Must have:
- AUSTRALIUM Frontier Justice
- PROFESIONAL Killstreak
- EFFECT Tornado or Firehorns
- SHEEN Violet or or HotRod or TeamShine
Would be nice to have:
- PARTS Critical, Dominations, Robots, anything MvM
- SPELL Excorcism
- - (Will be using with primary of Firehorns.Manndarin, so a Tornado in Violet/HotRod/TS would be perfect!)
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Says I need to be your friend to trade, you got some shit turned on?
a steam glitch. try again or just add me.
you have no link setup else I'd have sent offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.