F⌬amy the Fearsome
★★★ Harvest moon Team Captain: 1000 keys ★★★

A god tier halloween effect Team Captain. Thus far, this could be considered the pinnacle of my trading career, but I do not intend to stop here.
From what I can tell this is the only harvest TC up for grabs as of this moment! not anymore lol

My offer ballpark would be 1000 keys. I am okay holding on to this hat until I get the right offer, or until I find myself an offer consisting of hats I'd be happy to keep for a while. I'd love to have myself a spellbound or arcana allclass misc; I'd take any of them for it. I generally enjoy fancy miscs with fancy effects so that I can stack effects for fancy, unique looks. Doesnt necessarily have to be an allclass misc. I have a few specific interests which I may add later, but either way feel free to try me. Worst I can do is reject the offer.

Notable offers so far:
- Sunbeams casemaker (~(945) || http://i.i...7U.png
- Scorching tipped lid (~670) + 65 pure || http://i.i...nZ.png
- Strange Arcana bonk boy (~350) + Arcana tossle (~300?) + Spellbound oiled baker (~60) + MW Energy Orb night terror (75 ish) || Comment section (this set: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28822480 ) (~800 ish total?)
-Showstopper pool party + showstopper broom|| http://img.../bfi0P || No idea how much total. Trade offer said ~950, but I think thats a very high estimate :P
- Showstopper pool + showstopper broom + peace bonk
- Showstopper pool + peace bedouin + peace bonk + 4 pure || Proof of both: http://img.../DfPON || Bp of offerer for effects: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198066434918?time=1490054400
- Scorching cotton (~1100?) || Trade comments || Value estimate based on its most recent traceable sale for a beams law (~300 was added to it; 1400-300=1100). More info here: http://backpack.tf/suggestion/58c65488c440452187577c85
- Burning dread (~600) + Showstopper laugh (~200) || http://img.../MFE21 || Not really interested in the dread and only moderately interested in the schaden
- Sunbeams casemaker or strange scorching woodsman if I add || http://i.i...i9.png || Already declined beams case 1:1. Idk about the woodsman, burning is 1200 but I think that'd be really high
- Frostbite KE (~630) + scorching beak (~220) + hot fn blitzkrieg medgun (~50) || http://img.../Axotq || Pretty sweet offer but not too interested in the medgun. Love the beak, though. I've sent a counter offer but that was declined.
- (2x) Burning tipped lid (~1150) || (1) http://img.../txtcd || (2) Comment section || I have a hard time believing that lid will sell for 1150, prefer to stick to the TC
- C.moon beak (~300) + Harvest lucky (~100) + PE beak (~150) || https://img.../zs6YL || Nice beaks but a fair bit lower than I'd settle for
- C.moon beak (~300) + PE beak (~150) + C.moon brim (~120) + Harvest agressor (350? unpriced though; selling value) || https://img.../YOqJL || Not interested in the agressor and wouldn't value that at 350. Aside from that, solid offer

Maybe my BO isnt as crazy high as I thought ;D
Another clean one popped up and sold + <100 in adds for a scorching TC:

Note that the hat is duped, but since it is the only one for sale at the moment and since clean ones havent been seen on the market for over 2 years (except for one, which went to a collector 4 months ago, see sale in the suggestion above), I think it won't matter all that much (although I do not expect to sell it for as much as the last clean one sold).
A clean seller popped up (with alternating activity, he doesnt regularly bump his trades).
He has had it for well over a year, though

Open to any kind of offer. Would definitely take a pan (would be willing to add for one). I can upgrade or downgrade, or 1:1; either form of trade is fine. When offering upgrade trades, be wary that some of the hats in my backpack are either not for sale (tagged orange in my bptf profile) or are being brokered (tagged with other colors). I can/will not add any of them for a trade involving this hat for obvious reasons. I am also open to cash offers, but only from trusted buyers. From most buyers, I will request you to purchase keys beforehand, should a situation like that arise. Do not take offense when I do.

~Foamy :3
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best themed advertisement in bp.tf classified + rep for creativity
xD for that reason you should just buy it :P
no i have plans for other hats , but best of luck
thanks :P
yes if you get into cs go and start to sale cs go stuff maybe i come back :)
All unusuals in my bp. (Check outpost for details)
That is one impressive set I must say, and I love the effects. However, I rarely play scout which provides me with a drawback here. Definitely appreciate the offer, but I feel like that would be better off with someone that appreciates scout more than I do :P
Not a problem. GL, Foamy!
You too man. Enjoy that set while you have it, its a beauty :
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scorching cotton head clean , 1/2 in world , burning is 1/4 , so imo more rare more valuable
F⌬amy the Fearsome
Definitely not bad, looking at that beams law sale on it, but i have pretty bad experiences in selling cotton heads, so Im not particularly interested in owning one of them again. Since I don't really have any additional data points to base its value on (other sales were (quick)sales for cash afaik), there is just too much uncertainty involved here in my eyes
where there is uncertainty there is profit and loss
F⌬amy the Fearsome
That is correct, and I would be willing to take such risk if the cotton would be something I'd like to have. However, it is not :P Forgive my stubbornness
its ok men maybe some day we will trade
[Ryfg]Lucifer #lft 6s
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Me burning lid.
F⌬amy the Fearsome
No thanks, I've already declined a burning lid in the past :P
Great Hat and nice advertisement there Best of luck selling this Beauty <3 :D-
F⌬amy the Fearsome
Thanks man!
1 year anniversary coming soon
F⌬amy the Fearsome
Indeed; still a proud owner :P
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